Concrete Canoe

The concrete canoe competition focuses on a teams ability to design a lightweight concrete mix that can be made into a 4 person canoe. Points at conference are awarded for race performance, oral presentation, design paper, and final product. Our team splits the tasks between a fabrication group, a concrete mix group and a design paper group. Students in the different groups learn about lightweight aggregates, reinforcing concrete, curing concrete, construction techniques, structural analysis, project management, and effective communication.

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Steel Bridge

The steel bridge is designed, fabricated, and tested by the civil engineering students at TN Tech. From welding to powder coating, the entire bridge is built in-house at the civil engineering shop under East Stadium. At conference, not only is the strength of the bridge tested, but also the ease of construction and the weight of the bridge.

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Every year, the student chapter of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) attends the Southeastern Conference. A different school hosts the conference each year, and this upcoming year the conference will be hosted by the University of Florida. Some of the events that we compete in each year include, but are not limited to, the steel bridge, concrete canoe, balsa structure, professional paper, and the environmental competition.

Joining the student chapter of ASCE at Tennessee Tech University offers hands on experience in every field of civil engineering. By becoming a part of ASCE, every student will make friends, gain mentors, and be opened up to opportunities within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.